Joel Raskin Digital Media | About
Joel has been taking photographs since receiving his first camera as a pre-teen. It was a point-and-shoot Kodak Instamatic. His next camera was quite a jump from there - a hand me down Argus 35mm. It was completely manual and forced Joel to learn a thing or two about the fundamentals of photography. By the time he reached high school, Joel had gone through various second-hand 35mm cameras before getting a brand new SLR camera with the latest bells and whistles. His continued interest in photography led him to join his high school's photography club, where he began to explore the darkroom. In the early 90s Joel was among the first to experiment with digital photography and he quickly embraced the technology and has continued to grow with it.

Today, Joel works strictly with digital imaging. He prefers the instant gratification and complete control over results - as both a photographer and an artist - that digital photography offers.